The Ruszwurm confectioner’s is a
magic from the past in the present
in the Castle district in the (The history
of Ruszwurm confectioner’s) neighbourhood
of Matthias Churc in Buapest

The spectacular confectioner’s was founded by Ferenc Schwabl in 1827. The biedermeier interior still includes the cherrywooden counter made by the master joiner Krautsieder, and the dialplate of the clock from the age of I. Ferenc.

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A Ruszwurm cukrászda a jelenbe varázsolt múlt Budapesten, a Várnegyedben, a Mátyás templom szomszédságában.

A budai várban, a Szentháromság utca 7. számú házban 1827-ben kezdte meg működését Schwabl Ferenc cukrász, és e helyen máig megszakítás nélkül működik egy nem annyira fényűző, mint inkább családias hangulatú, patinás cukrászda.


szamOS Liqueuers


The dobos cake


The ruszwurm Cake

The classical Hungarian pastry, simply called “creamy”, is a cooked egg cream with vanilla mixed with the egg white after cooking. However, the Ruszwurm cream pastry is not mellowed with the egg white but with whipped cream, of course when cold.

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about us

We had to wait to sit down (tiny space and lots of guests), but well worth it! The Somlói, the cakes, the cream was simply divine, the service was lavish. In the end, when we wanted to pay, all in one, the waiter surprised us with a 3 meter blank checkout tape, saying he brought everyone’s bill in one. We laughed at ourselves and brought the blank ribbon to memory..

Erzsébet Farkas

Super place! Delicious cakes, friendly prices and very, very good staff! The best cream pastry in town! Yeah, and we were sitting at Queen Sisi’s favorite place.

Péter Baranyai

One of the best historical confectioneries in Budapest, the cream pastry is a must-see.

Ágnes Font

I’ve been to many confectioneries and bakeries, to say the best. Not everything is good here, but there is at least a four-star standard in everything. But walnut croissants are one of the best in the country: lots of real walnut filling, and the dough is hard enough and crumbly. It made my day better, well. The service is exemplary.

Miklós Gyula Mester

Pastry book

The pastry book of Gábor Keményffi and Illés Tóth was published in 1958. Illés Tóth was one of the masters of Mátyás Szamos, whom he held in high esteem. My father witnessed that the pastry book was literally written on the workshop table. Every piece of cake and technology that appeared in it, first appeared on Illés Tóth’s desk in his physical reality, and then described. Of course, the end product on the table was judged by the master with everybody. All the members of the confectionery family founded by Matthias Szamos have learned and learned from this textbook.

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