Round pastries

The classical round pastry with potato and lard crackling made in our style.

The round pastry, as a bakery product, has always been very popular in regions resided by Hungarians. Many fairy tales start out with a little escaping hero, or a runaway kid going off in the world with a bag of round pastries baked in ash. Yet, the round pastry became really popular after WWII. First they appeared on red-clothed tables at long trade union conferences. The pile of round pastries represented the cosy home and, last but not least, it proudly symbolised our poverty. No wonder that it became popular. In the glory days of socialism the round pastry was never missing at party meetings, management and government discussions, women’s day celebrations, prisoner-guard friendship sessions, house parties, hunter dinners and pubs. Although everybody likes the round pastry, there is no generally accepted recipe. So many housewives, bakeries, confectioneries and restaurants, so many different recipes.
The Ruszwurm confectionery only makes round pastries with butter and potato, lard cracklings, cabbage, cheese and yoghurt, as well as ewe cheese. The jury of our round pastries are the early morning visitors who, at 6 a.m., sneak to our workshop door and cast desirous eyes onto the confectioners to start each day with baking round pastries. These early morning visitors are well-known since they turn up in the historical districts of any European town, whether they be taxi drivers on night duty, policemen, girls of the night and their boy-friends.

Ruszwurm Confectionary
1014 Budapest
Szentháromság str. 7.

Szamos Miklós
Sales manager:
Erika Nedoba

Leader confectioners:
Péter Ozsvalt