The almond cake

The almond cake, designed by confectionery master Csaba Valkai, is one of our own creations.

This cake was created by Csaba Valkai, the chief confectioner of the Szamos Confectionery in Budaörs. This is our best-selling cake. If your blood sugar level suddenly drops and the usual symptoms emerge, it is medically recommended to have two pieces of almond cake. A typical feature of this cake is the combination of almond cream and the paper-thin caramel layers. The almond cake has been made in our confectionery since 1998.

Ruszwurm Confectionary
1014 Budapest
Szentháromság str. 7.

Szamos Miklós
Sales manager:
Erika Nedoba

Leader confectioners:
Péter Ozsvalt