The buttered dough

The much-talked-of Boer crescent, topped with icing sugar and served with coffee.

The inspired gourmets of the confectionery gastronomy hold the view that there are two kinds of confectionery cakes, and the second group is made without buttered dough. The quality of the buttered dough will always reveal whether the confectionery is the master’s business venture, or his mission for life.
Let us imagine a summer morning, at sunrise, when we take a rest after a walk in the Buda castle to order a Boer crescent, baked that very morning, and a hot cappuccino on the small terrace of the Ruszwurm.
Experts say that once you are halfway through the Boer crescent and a few sips of your cappuccino you will suddenly realise, if not yet realised, the essence and the innermost attribute of the Eastern European civilisation when you look at the antique houses and your glance takes a rest on the laced stone ornaments of the Matthias Church.
The guests and the legend claim that the characteristic traits of the Ruszwurm Confectionery are the buttered dough, the vanilla cream and the Biedermeier interior. We asked the confectioner to tell us what makes the butter cake so crisp and mellow, melting in the mouth. The master put it shortly: it’s the butter.
He was also willing to share the recipe, i.e. the further ingredients besides the butter. Here it is: Take 1.20 kg of butter and roll it up with 30 dkg flour. Shape up a 2-cm thick floury butter square, wrap it up and put it into the fridge. Take 1.20 kg of flour, dig a hole in the middle and fill it up with 30 dkg of butter, 2 egg yolks, 0.5 dl Puerto Rico rum, 4 dkg of salt and 9 dl sweet cream. Mix them into dough, wrap it up and put it into the fridge. Two or three hours later roll out the dough, place the butter square in the middle, fold it in a bundle and start rolling it. Then keep folding and bundling. The dough should be layered 144 times. Once finished, wrap it up and put it into the fridge. In an hour, it is ready for being rolled into any kind of butter cake. What else is the secret of the Ruszwurm butter cake? The Ruszwurm people admitted that they did not know. They have been often invited to various places in order to exchange the experience on how to make butter cake, however, never ever have they been able to reproduce the original dough. An elderly couple, who are regular guests, claim that the secret is hidden in the ancient walls, or the patron saint of the confectioners happily took up his abode here as early as in the last century.

1. The bag of dough is slit on top and set aside to rest.

2. The dough is rolled into a square and the corners are shaped into a curve.

3. The butter square is placed into the middle.

4. The dough is bundled up.

5. … then the top is evenly shaped.

6. The dough is rolled into a rectangular shape.

7. Then it is folded and once again rolled.

8. Make two single and two double folds to get 144 layers

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