CURIOSITAS – curiosity

In 2020, CURIOSITAS – Curiosity became the Cake of Hungary

The cake with the fantasy name “CURIOSITAS – Curiosity” by Krisztián Füredi, a confectioner from Tápiószecső, can be awarded the title this year.

This year, the National Confederation of Hungarian Confectionery Craftsmen announced the “Hungarian Cake” competition for the fourteenth time this year to celebrate our national holiday, the feast of St. Stephen, the founder of the state, and the symbolic birthday of Hungary. The winning cake is attracting huge interest year after year.

The Industry Association was waiting for recipes made with popular Hungarian flavors and fruits, cakes that can be associated with the holiday or Hungary, and which strictly contain only high-quality, natural and healthy ingredients.

The professional jury will announce the winner after three rounds of evaluation. In the first round, the jury anonymously selected six cakes from the named cakes, then in the second round, the final cakes were tasted again and suggestions were made for their improvement.

In the final, the contestants had to make the cakes live in the presence of the jury, which were scored based on professional criteria.

This is how the winner was born, which this year is the work of “CURIOSITAS – Curiosity”, Krisztián Füredi, the confectioner of the Hisztéria Confectionery in Tápiószecső. The talented young confectioner is a regular participant in competitions in recent years.

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